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Tune Unit US-525-A


Model: US-525-A

The US-525-A automatic tuning unit is actually the SUNAIR tuning unit model CU-9150H. Its software has been setup in the INVELCO's 1Kw transmitters in order to execute a complete automatic group.
The US-525-A tuning unit uses high speed, efficient and reliable digital tuning network for vertical antennas from 23 to 36 feets. It is also possible to stand configurations of long wires of several types, from 50 to 150 feets, when a long wire optional adapter is installed.
The microprocessor included in the coupler controls and selects internal elements of the circuit. It has an integrated test (BITE) to verify its correct operation.

Tune Unit US-525-A Tune Unit US-525-A
Technical Data
Frequencies Range
1.6 to 30 MHz
Input Power
1000 Wats ±1dB
Input Impedance
50 Ohms
Controled by microprocessor.
Internal memory with no batteries.
Water and outdoors resistance.
Continuous operation.
Integrated test (BITE).
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